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released September 25, 2012

Music written and performed by Car Bomb
Produced by Greg Kubacki
Recorded, mixed and mastered on Long Island and in Brooklyn, 2011-2012
Recorded and mixed by Elliot Hoffman and Greg Kubacki
Mastered by Elliot Hoffman
Lyrics by Michael Dafferner
Cover artwork and layout by Greg Kubacki

Additional vocals on “Third Revelation” performed by Joseph Duplantier
Joseph Duplantier appears courtesy of Road Runner Records

Published by Solid Grey Publishing (BMI)
©2012 Solid Grey LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Car Bomb is:
Greg Kubacki - guitars
Elliot Hoffman - drums
Michael Dafferner - vox
Jon Modell - bass


all rights reserved



Car Bomb Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: The Sentinel
What the fuck is this bullshit for?
Kill the pigs, slice the jugular
Animals start the nuclear war
Kill the pigs
Sliced apart
Rip it apart, piss on it
Stop at nothing
Starve the starved, bleeding
Hold them back
All things count for nothing
All things count
The Sentinel
Burn them all
Rise against they will rise against
Build them walls in
Track Name: Auto-named
Soil the empty grave
Pointing inside the auto-name
Blinded by blue light
Eyes, bloodstained closed
Hijack the sun will never be enough
Son signed the paper with a cut
Pliable - Able
Dying and re-started signing your son to his end
See through eyes inside the seeing eyes of life
Creepy smiles all just buried in sand
Rid yourself of all thought
Track Name: Finish It
Kiss them goodbye
Too sick, violently sick
Hospitalized while in pain
Take it again, this is like torture
They look like sadomasochists wide virgin eyes
I stare, on my own
Down the hall they watch
You stare, on your own
Kiss them goodbye
Eye’s signaling
"This is too much, I’m sick of it
Sick of the bullshit"
Hush. Take your medicine
Finish it
Track Name: Lower the Blade
Don't quell her flame if her name lies on the blade
Such a shame
Naked, she cries out the name's frozen caress
Take her outside
Lower the blade
Flame in a maze, silent
Lower the blade
Just say its time
Just say its mine
This can't contain inside, this total complete meltdown
Don't quell the flame
Don't freeze the crime
Sickness inside the face covers the temptress of contentment
Wet wrists quell the thirst of dehydrated lonely saddened whores
Safe the violent thoughts for the last cage entrapment
Just let the fate of what's to come take control of your life's past
Track Name: Garrucha
Dancing to garrucha, strappado
Slave you're lying whore tomorrow she will die
Soft white face staring eyes through the heart
Wait for the call sent from heaven’s dead eclipse
Place this clear secret force in the chest of the dying whore her sorrow will ignite the earth
Led to the firmament silently
Face the crying whore tomorrow she will die in court blind
Blind pale eyes fixed on dead clocks to kill the time blind
Low voices
Secret unsung - the song records the voice closed
Opened doors of the dying source
The point guides off to wait and suffer but they dance the blinded
Judgment seeks their name with hurried vengeance for their life of silence
Approved the judge to the jury
Orphan the plus from the minus
Low voices speak
Psychopathic slut shuts the mouth sewn shut
About to turn dead
Temper the burn
Ignited in turn to kill dead time
Dead clocks unwind
Capturing death
Frayed light fades slow
Pay the parting cost
Burn slow
All will stand cheering for their own death
Turn around face the crowd
Checking out the final taste you will have in the time that you waste in the firmament
Close out the agonized
Foreshadow everyone cheering for their own death
Sent without fear to be taken out
Eyes uncaring
"Do what they say" ignited the way
Psychopathic slut
Track Name: Third Revelation
Bury you under into the ground
Buried under into the ground
I am the third revelation you are not the chosen
How dare you come to me
What did I tell you?
Blood of the lamb
You are killing us with what you’re doing
Dig it up
One day you will see
I will show you how its done
One night; I'm gonna come inside your house, wherever you're sleeping and I'm gonna
cut your throat
I am the third revelation
I drink your milkshake I drink it up
Blood of Lamb
Stop your nonsense
Track Name: Recursive Patterns
Meta speak meta speak meta speak assent
Meta speak meta spoke assert
"Is a lie when preceded by its quote"
Is a lie when preceded by its quote
Isomorphic informant
Crash alone meta know null
Crawling away
Patterns shift
Polymorphic disguises
The flesh from bone
Meta known null
Starting today patterns shift down
Bring it all back
Repeat the same sequence of polyrhythmic chant formations
But in a different time bar
Dead end gone to work
Meta recursive knowledge lost
Take your silence and get to work
Track Name: Spirit of Poison
Speak your mind
Spirit of Poison
Jones-town stretches out for sentimental targets to recruit
Blinded as they are experimental methods will be used
To fly blue-bird, fly
Deaf and blind
No one knows nothing
Repeat induced words from sacramental textbooks to reuse
Sirhan acclimates experimental methods to be proved
Hands rise through the crowd for execution
Program complete
MK Ultrabirth
Give them the something to destroy the boy
Turn them into sand, put them in his hands
Don’t contradict yourself spirit of poison
Don’t contradict yourself boy
No one is what they seem
No one is giving up control
I cantt recognize the mask but the voice is so familiar
They won't give control
Don’t fuck up
The boy walks the howling spirit
Track Name: Magic Bullet
Magic bullets plot your paths
Trajectories move steadily
Spinning projectiles fly not from the Carcano
Cops with rifles stand behind the fence
Let’s put the brain in a trash can
Create a new identity
Eight hundred eighty eight pacified pages cover the curious with a warm blanket of false security
Stay in bed
Close your eyes
Stay asleep
Utopia flies on arcane wings
One more time
United truth with its slight of hand
Tells a story that no one will ever understand
Sewn together with the pieces that were ripped apart
Create a patsy who is going to take the perfect shot
Build a story too complex to ever know the truth
Send the killer to assassinate the living proof
Succumb the population into prison so we learn
To ignite the catalyst that takes so long to burn
Take off, tie off
Empty boxes
Empty loose ends
Fly through, spin right through the brain
Tie off all loose ends make them knot
Lie cheat, cheat and steal, keep them still
Inside enemy supremacy
Destroy the angels arcane wings broke down was up
The reel negates the myth
It’s a mystery wrapped inside a riddle inside an enigma
Track Name: Crud
Now or
Pause start pause start pause start start again
Delete, update, start the whole operation over
Erase re-write re-write
Do goto goto
Pause start pause start pause start, start again
Delete, update, start the whole operation over
Operation, cursive
It's all within the page
Go on
Cold heart
My cold world
Close your sleepy eyes shut
Blow the final candle they lit for your funeral
Roses bloom
Just a thing they cannot forget till they burn the ashes of its shimmering light
Forfeit the dead
Corset air
Unzipped dead
Drown in the air
Most things are dead
Talking air
Hunting dead
Fearing the air
Why take this road
Done set go
Why take this road to that path?
Why choose those misleading words?
Don't get up
You build a prison with the same vocal pattern
Pay with your heartache
Lie down
Rise up
Blow out
Get it out now
Track Name: This Will Do the Job
Blind faith, white snake
Smile Archibald
Why kill it all slowly?
Now this is a party
Snake take a breath
Dim the light on the stones in the yard
Kill it all. Kill it, it grows
Push up through the soil
Blush of the skin
Hold on to the serum
Nothing will grow on its own
Those stones will revert
Put her to bed
She wants the cold hands of the dead in star light
Bright white
Who is on you?
Smile if you want her to
Faith bless her mouth wide
This will do the job
Dimming breath
The star arise
Eyes in this face where bright white
Lines on the stones mark the graves of the whitest lights
Track Name: The Seconds
It’s the freedom of this faith
Green eyes guide her way
So long
This sorrow
Creature of the hollow absent soft victorious
"Close your eyes and you will see"
Cliche lives in me
The seconds
The minutes
The hours
The ages
The epoch
The time bomb
Predators in the end
Will give way to the week
Dominating the end
But then what?
Predators will pray
"Burn this house down"
No one cares
Build it up way outside
Destroy the whole thing
Turn inside out, way outside
Build a prison time bomb
Save it for the chorus

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