by Car Bomb

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Aaron Klinsmann
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Aaron Klinsmann this album is unlike anything else. it is true math/groove chaos-to-minimalist-to-chaos art, pure of anything cheap-shot or unnecessary. after years of listening i realized... this is a flawless album. to me at least. songs that i still haven't dissected in my many many listens, parts that still give me chills no matter how many times i hear them... mixing that is perfectly balanced and clean yet so raw and real. there is no band like car bomb. they somehow did everything right.
Bart Furp
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Bart Furp I bought four copies of the splatter LP. Sending three out as gifts to friends that need a little uplift in their lives. Favorite track: His Eyes.
Fedor Garmatyuk
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Fedor Garmatyuk If you can find a band heavier and more brutal than car bomb let me know. These guys know exactly how they want to sound, and exactly how to do it.

Obviously they're incredibly technical, which is awesome, but on this album I feel they captured something a little more raw than their latter efforts. Theres just something a lot more frantic sounding here.

9/10 Buy it. Buy the physical copy. Look at that fucking artwork. Favorite track: Best Intentions.
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fullmetajacket Car Bomb's most raw and jazzy album. Plenty of great tracks and weird experimentation. It really set the tone for what was to come in Car Bomb's discography while also being it's own record with a distinctive sound. Favorite track: H5N1.
Christian M.
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Christian M. what can be said about Car Bomb that hasnt been already heaped upon them in spades? how about unforgettably badass? that works.
Max Marciniak
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Max Marciniak This album is absolutely nuts. Nonstop ass-kicking from start to finish. Favorite track: M^6.
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Car Bomb detonate a vicious blast of wildly technical and progressive modern metal on their Relapse debut Centralia. The Long Island, NY quartet's attack is relentless and suffocating: vicious jazz-inspired blasts shift into mechanistic, canyon-wide grooves. Schizophrenic, whisper-to-a-scream vocals seem to spiral out of control, only to snap back lock-step into the churning assault. A cold and unrelenting monster of an album, Centralia is a disorienting, exhaustive statement of intent and embodies the very essence of 21st century musical extremity and dexterity.


released February 6, 2007


all rights reserved



Car Bomb Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Pieces of You
Tighten your tie
Let go you bitch
Black nailed, Avril
You wear too much makeup

Let's see you real scared with
Drug-addict AIDS patients
Circling your body
White Glory

You look so beautiful crying on TV
How can I help you when you will not see me
I'm your only savoir bless me

The bridge tour bus is
Tearing the roof off
The driver is so much

Her life is compared to his
Sits on no such crucifix
One thousand white wrist bands can't hold
On to your dim pale hands there is nothing there
You are loosing grip my
Sheltered bitchling

Diaper to cash cow
All on my own

Blonde turn your long hair to
Grey spend your money and
Save all pieces of you are holes
Money will not heal your selfish hungry twat
Track Name: Gum Under the Table
Will to fuck. Decimate the body.
Break the sake. Chrysene the beginning.
Move the end closure of white face.
Keep your mouth shut

Stick this gum underneath the table.
Bless these thoughts. Willing with your body.
Take her down. Silence floor to face.
Shut the fuck up.

Up in this mouth. Ceased round your neck.
Thieves in the house don't make a sound.
Fuck till you snuff. Breathe down her neck.
Sheets in your mouth. Face hits the ground.

They wont hear we wont breath.
Save the fear for the seed.

Throw out the left hand to steady the breathing.
The axe in the right hand, I almost can see it.
Rotate the axis that runs through the ceiling.
90 * 4 is beginning to rotate the axis.

Sugar falls, crystals comb the floor.
Vacancy occupied.
Bloodstain on the floor.
Vacancy terrified.
Crystallized vacancy.
White contact crystallized.
Obscured vacancy, vacancy occupied.

Push out fucked out spent whore.
Pull out what they came for
Track Name: Rid
Oracle deliver us to the shining circle.
Plug into the sick respirator.
Unplug your ailing sense of wanting back in to your wound.
Healing when you scratch the scab.
Lap up all the empty hearts tired of pretending.
Sealing hibernating skin by forcing and ending.
Conclusions never satisfy successive cuts that petrify
the surface left of pacified waiting with completeness.
Just hope that your peace is relative to the time it takes to
rid yourself of all thought.
Track Name: His Eyes
Positive A-B-O-AB.
Negative A-B-O-AB.
Sacrifice in his eye now watching me in the hallway.
Oxygen deprived from her waiting for his next transmission.
His eyes burn a hole in my brain.
Just shed the light you get with your wrists.
On your knees your blood type is just...
Blacken the carpet with bloody salt stains that look like an iris.
Mirrored compulse; violent. Retina winks at knowing my intentions.
Save us from life in this cold hell.
Sunken Crucifix.
Crying makes you lose your oxygen and helps you die of thirst.
Blacken frozen stares through the heart of a child in fear of your
Gaze Burning the personal.
Conquest of the earth.
Pull the heart right back in the ground it came to.
From....Personal conquest.
You want nothing.
Just blackened ice that covers the earth.
Enveloped by the sun to Supernova.
We will burn alive until the sun grows dark.
Track Name: Solid Grey
Solid Grey.
Solid Grey.
Torn Away.
Savor it, covet it. Recover some of the pieces of what you were when you were free from the repeating messages repeating messages.
Blocking out all of the light from the sky with their rectangles raping you, raping you blind.
Live in the prison they built for you all from the time you spend repeating paperwork all for nothing.
But pushing on.
Push your head into the sand.
Confirm all their repeating desires.
Compliments meant to suppress.
Everything must coalesce.
Go stick your head into the ground
Track Name: H5N1
Spread the strain through muscles
Tissue breaks out, breaks up
Whispered soft wings
Spread out into
Echo through halls
Reversed whispers
Pieces break off
Spread the strain through your skin
Tissue retract reflect
The change of your pathogenic
System breakdown contingency

Pass off the hoard to the machine
Spit out, Spit up
You will see this in your lifetime
Repeated before we could take score
Wiped out in months

Prey, soft, past,

Keep the whispered rumors quiet, infect social standings.
Invest the spread like two towers.
Spreading fire through the masses to save themselves.
Use the blood to inoculate rampid spreading panic.
Harmless sent to extinct.
The destitute prisoners.

From the past
Sway the balance into their arms.
Lay your head on the floor think of your next pacifier distraction.
Close your eyes for good

The ending is coming prepare for the eradication
The ending is coming
Annihilation coming

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